BRICKMANIACS! We are proud to announce that this year’s charity for World War Brick 2020 is The Mission Project, a Minneapolis-based non-profit that helps veterans in critical ways during their time overseas and after their return stateside. The Mission Project strives to support our military and its veterans through our programs and partnerships with other businesses, churches, and organizations that positively help assist and support our armed forces. They are committed to mental health, advocacy, reintegration, suicide prevention, comradery and fellowship. 

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Flak 37

We’re pleased to show these preview pictures of the 2014 event kit: the German 3.7cm Flak 37 anti-aircraft cannon.  Every Weekend Pass holder will find on of these guns in their goodie bags… But there’s a catch; the minifigs shown will NOT come with the kit!  Instead we are making speciel-edition custom Luftwaffe crewmen for the guns, which you can get in one of two ways: 1.) You can complete a 10×10″ panel of the Cobra King mosaic and get one for FREE our 2.) You will be able to purchase extra crewmen. Some additional kits wand figs will be available for sale at WWB, but they will probably go as fast as last year’s exclusive Jeep kit!

Brick Mercenaries

We are pleased to confirm that Josh from Brick Mercenaries is joining us at World War Brick 2013. His custom figures are the benchmark standard for exquisite detail and high quality standards. Josh was part of the our team at BrickCon 2012 and his figures have been available via mail order through GI Brick. Josh plans to have figures on display and for sale. He will also be hosting a presentation on mini figure customization.

Brick Mercenaries

Brick Mercenaries Figures at BrickCon 2012

BA CrateBrickArms has revealed an exclusive light olive drab printed crate that will be part of the goodie bags being assembled for the Weekend Pass attendees. There’s still quite a few passes left, but they will certainly sell out the closer we get to the event. As the photo says, “Don’t miss out!”