M1917A1_04Will has just been pulling out all the stops this week with amazing new releases announced for this weekend’s gathering!  The new M1917A1 is absolutely stunning and a must have for WW2 modelers.

M1917A1_01A gunmetal version will be available at WWB this weekend…

M1917A1_02As will this special Night Raid Assault all-black edition.

M16_ReloadedCheck out the over-molded M16s!

MusketReloadedAnd muskets available in silver and gunmetal hardware.





Josh has unveiled his wares that will be for sale at World War Brick 2013: Included are superbly customized weapons and figures in genres from Halo, Predator, WW2, Military and more.


Photo by TooMuchDew

BullseyeBricksLogoJoe Popelka has been helping us at Chicago-area events for the past several years, including the last World War Brick. His area of expertise is modeling full-sized handgun replicas made from LEGO bricks. Joe has also recently released is third such custom kit under the brand name Bullseye Bricks. We are pleased to announce that Joe will be joining us again at World War Brick with an updated “Gun Rack” plus his latest kits.

Note:  These are toy guns that do not shoot projectiles of any kind.. While toys they should be handled with extreme care as to not be confused with real weapons (in other words not a good “show and tell” item).

Brick Mercenaries

We are pleased to confirm that Josh from Brick Mercenaries is joining us at World War Brick 2013. His custom figures are the benchmark standard for exquisite detail and high quality standards. Josh was part of the our team at BrickCon 2012 and his figures have been available via mail order through GI Brick. Josh plans to have figures on display and for sale. He will also be hosting a presentation on mini figure customization.

Brick Mercenaries

Brick Mercenaries Figures at BrickCon 2012