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Check out this epic throwback for World War Brick 2016 in Anaheim, CA!

World War Brick is a gathering of hobbyists and fans dedicated to modeling historical and military-related scenes, vehicles, and weaponry using LEGO® brand bricks. At WWB we provide ample space for activities, displays, collaborations and of course products for sale from the top custom vendors who seek to expand and enrich the building experience.

After a six year hiatus, World War Brick 2022 will once again take place at Brickmania Toyworks (our world headquarters) in Minneapolis, MN on June 10-12. While our Weekend Passes have since sold out, Day Passes are still available for that weekend. At WWB we provide ample space for activities, displays, collaborations and of course products for sale from the top custom vendors who seek to expand and enrich the building experience. Day Pass holders get access to the showroom floor, as well as select events, and exclusive items available at the WWB store

2100wwb Action 560

All World War Brick Anaheim Weekend Pass holders for World War Brick in 2016 will receive an exclusive WW2 Motorcycle minikit in their goodie bag. Sorry, but you’ll have to provide your own rider!

WW2 Motorcycle

While every Weekend Pass holder is guaranteed a model, there will also be a limited amount available to the public hours visitors too (if you purchase public your ticket in advance you can get into WWB 30 minutes before those paying at the door).

Motorcycle prototypes

his new minikit was created by Daniel Siskind and is specifically designed for maximum customization. There will be a variety of customized models on display at World War Brick to give you some ideas of what you can do with yours.


WWB 2016 Trophies

Trophies for World War Brick Anaheim with beautifully custom printed panels and bricks done in collaboration with the Brickmania and BrickArms team. The trophies are awarded Weekend Pass level attendees for building accomplishments and tournament victories. If your coming with a Public Day Ticket you can still win some fabulous prizes in one of the Wounded Warrior Project benefit games.

World War Brick Anaheim is just around the corner and preparations are well underway. We’ll be daily posting updates on preparations right up until the doors open!

World War Brick staff in front of the mosaic built at WWB 2014

World War Brick staff in front of the mosaic built at WWB 2014. Photo by Bill T. 

World War Brick 2014 is unanimously being considered an unqualified success, thanks in large to the effort of our wonderful Weekend Pass holders, volunteers, guests and staff.  What did we do at WWB 2014?  Here’s some highlights:

  • We collectively built a giant mosaic measuring 14 feet across by 9 feet tall
  • We played games such as the Micro Tank Battle and Brikwars
  • Built two massive group dioramas
  • Put 100’s of our own creations on display
  • Had awesome workshops on customizing minifigs, lighting models, decal application and more.
  • Learned how BrickArms “Reloaded” weapons and made and witnessed the release of new BrickArms weapons and a new Brickmania kit.
  • Went for rides in Brickmania’s 2 1/2 ton truck
  • Made new friends and caught up with old ones

Will Chapman about to release a bunch of new BrickArms... Photo by Bill T.

Will about to release a bunch of new BrickArms weapons. Photo by Bill T.

The over-all attendance figures are as follows:

  • Weekend Pass holders, presenters and volunteers: 269
  • Public hours guests: 320
  • Total at WWB: 589

Saturday night Auction and Raffle

Saturday night Auction and Raffle.  Photo by Bill T. 


Throughout the weekend we held several raffles and an auction to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, for which we raised $5487.00.  Thanks to everyone who made this happen, including the sponsors and generous individuals who donated tons of great prizes!

Micro Tank Game Tournament Finals

Micro Tank Game Tournament Finals. Photo by Bill T.


Tournament winners:

  1. Brett S. (Grand Champion)
  2. Cam W.
  3. Bennet R.
  4. Yisroel K.

King of the Hill:  Andreas B.

Laying a Hero to Rest

Laying a Hero to Rest by Will and David Y. photo by Bill T


NPU = Nice Parts Usage TIE
MOC # 7 Sith Holocrons? By Aidan D.
MOC # 13 The Battle of Saipan By Seth C.

Most Iconic
Laying a Hero to Rest By Will and David Y.

Most Over the Top
Normandy Invasion: Omaha Beach By Massimo & Christopher S.

Best use of Brick Arms
Warehouse Of Destruction By Andrew W.

Best Special Effects
Normandy Invasion: Omaha Beach By Massimo & Christopher S.

SNOT (Studs Not On Top) Champion
Lenticular Mosaic By Jeremy F.

Public Favorite
Laying a Hero to Rest By Will and David Y.

Black Hawk Down

Yitzy and Dan revealed their Black Hawk Down diorama at WWB 2014. Photo by Bill T.

Flickr Photo Group

If you’d like to see more photos from World War Brick 2014, please see our group on Flickr. Feel free to join in and add your pictures to the group pool!


M2HB revealed!Will Chapman reveals the M2HB production mold prototype

IwoJima2Dan and Landon in front of their Iwo Jima tribute mosaic built by World War Brick attendees. The Mosaic measures over twelve feet high and is made up of more than 100,000 Lego bricks.

Awesome Goody Bag!The World War Brick goody bag. Easily the biggest bounty at any LEGO fan event this year!

Bill-WWB04Rumrunner’s Micro Battlefield Game

IMG_2115One of many awesome MOCS on display.

For many more pictures check out the WWB Flickr Group. If you have pictures, please add them to the group gallery!