WWB 2014

World War Brick staff in front of the mosaic built at WWB 2014

World War Brick staff in front of the mosaic built at WWB 2014. Photo by Bill T. 

World War Brick 2014 is unanimously being considered an unqualified success, thanks in large to the effort of our wonderful Weekend Pass holders, volunteers, guests and staff.  What did we do at WWB 2014?  Here’s some highlights:

  • We collectively built a giant mosaic measuring 14 feet across by 9 feet tall
  • We played games such as the Micro Tank Battle and Brikwars
  • Built two massive group dioramas
  • Put 100’s of our own creations on display
  • Had awesome workshops on customizing minifigs, lighting models, decal application and more.
  • Learned how BrickArms “Reloaded” weapons and made and witnessed the release of new BrickArms weapons and a new Brickmania kit.
  • Went for rides in Brickmania’s 2 1/2 ton truck
  • Made new friends and caught up with old ones
Will Chapman about to release a bunch of new BrickArms... Photo by Bill T.

Will about to release a bunch of new BrickArms weapons. Photo by Bill T.

The over-all attendance figures are as follows:

  • Weekend Pass holders, presenters and volunteers: 269
  • Public hours guests: 320
  • Total at WWB: 589
Saturday night Auction and Raffle

Saturday night Auction and Raffle.  Photo by Bill T. 


Throughout the weekend we held several raffles and an auction to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, for which we raised $5487.00.  Thanks to everyone who made this happen, including the sponsors and generous individuals who donated tons of great prizes!

Micro Tank Game Tournament Finals

Micro Tank Game Tournament Finals. Photo by Bill T.


Tournament winners:

  1. Brett S. (Grand Champion)
  2. Cam W.
  3. Bennet R.
  4. Yisroel K.

King of the Hill:  Andreas B.

Laying a Hero to Rest

Laying a Hero to Rest by Will and David Y. photo by Bill T


NPU = Nice Parts Usage TIE
MOC # 7 Sith Holocrons? By Aidan D.
MOC # 13 The Battle of Saipan By Seth C.

Most Iconic
Laying a Hero to Rest By Will and David Y.

Most Over the Top
Normandy Invasion: Omaha Beach By Massimo & Christopher S.

Best use of Brick Arms
Warehouse Of Destruction By Andrew W.

Best Special Effects
Normandy Invasion: Omaha Beach By Massimo & Christopher S.

SNOT (Studs Not On Top) Champion
Lenticular Mosaic By Jeremy F.

Public Favorite
Laying a Hero to Rest By Will and David Y.

Black Hawk Down

Yitzy and Dan revealed their Black Hawk Down diorama at WWB 2014. Photo by Bill T.

Flickr Photo Group

If you’d like to see more photos from World War Brick 2014, please see our group on Flickr. Feel free to join in and add your pictures to the group pool!


WWB 2013

The second World War Brick took place in the Brickmania Toyworks, Minneapolis, MN in June of 2013.   Over 100 weekend pass holders and exhibitors participated in the full event, with hundreds more visiting us during the public hours.  We had several collaborative builds throughout the weekend—including a massive mosaic—fun and games,  a new product unveiling from BrickArms and more.

Photos of WWB 2013:

coming soon!

WWB 2012

The first World War Brick was held in the 2000 sq ft banquet hall of Amvets Post 66 in Wheeling, IL during June of 2012. It was organized by Dan Siskind, chief model designer of Brickmania Toys. On display were a vast array of military models by Dan and a handful of other modelers, including Ross Scott (aka “Rumrunner”), Brian Anderson, Joe Popelka and Donny Jordan. There were also Brickmania kits for sale, plus products from GI Brick and BrickArms, whose founder, Will Chapman, was also present.

People traveled from across the county to visit World War Brick and provided proof that a LEGO military modeling event could be a success. Over 1000 visitors attended the three day event, and $1000 was for veterans’ organizations. Onsite evaluation and attendee feedback suggest the event should be moved to a bigger venue and more opportunities should be provided for community participation.

Photos from World War Brick 2012

By John Neal, Dan Siskind and William Toenjes

  1. jtemple507 said:

    I wish it was back in Chicago. I’d suggest the McCormick Place, where the Chicago Auto Show is held, for more room, but I understand that it would cost a ton to rent it out for a weekend. Having it at Brickmania results in virtually no expenses for the people running the event.

    • Dan said:

      Guests at World War Brick get their money’s worth for attending more than any other LEGO fan event we’ve been to. Instead of paying huge money for rent and other overhead, we’re able to give it back to the people who come to WWB.

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