WWB 2014 Event Kit: 3.7cm Flak 37

Flak 37

We’re pleased to show these preview pictures of the 2014 event kit: the German 3.7cm Flak 37 anti-aircraft cannon.  Every Weekend Pass holder will find on of these guns in their goodie bags… But there’s a catch; the minifigs shown will NOT come with the kit!  Instead we are making speciel-edition custom Luftwaffe crewmen for the guns, which you can get in one of two ways: 1.) You can complete a 10×10″ panel of the Cobra King mosaic and get one for FREE our 2.) You will be able to purchase extra crewmen. Some additional kits wand figs will be available for sale at WWB, but they will probably go as fast as last year’s exclusive Jeep kit!

  1. Matt said:

    what time will the mosaic be at WWB for the cobra king??????
    P.S. And what day.

    • Dan said:

      Mosaic will build will start right away at 9am Friday morning. It will probably finished by Saturday morning.

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