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JunoBeach2The Canadians are stormed the beaches of Normandy 69 years ago this month, as part of the Allied effort to liberate Europe from nazi tyranny. The Canadian forces suffered more than 1000 casualties in the first week of the Normandy campaign. Ross Scott aka “Rumrunner” will be down from Canada to display his newly expanded Juno Beach diorama, commemorating the Canadian contribution to Europe’s freedom. He’s been hard at work these last few months and his diorama has tripled in size since his last public appearance. He’s posted some teaser pictures to Flickr and we can’t wait to see it all set up!


Rumrunner has revealed more pictures of his revamped Juno Beach diorama yesterday. Here’s a little gallery of some of the new details…

Mini Tigers

We will be conducting the first tournament of Rumrunner’s Micro Battlefield game during the private portion of World War Bricks. The debut tournament will be American vs. German armor and the last General standing will be generously rewarded with fame, fortune, and glory!  Losers will spend the rest of the weekend scrubbing pots and polishing boots. (not really) All Weekend Pass holders are welcome to join in the fun. Tournament will take place Friday evening and be continued Saturday evening if necessary.