Rumrunner’s Micro Battlefield Game

Mini Tigers

We will be conducting the first tournament of Rumrunner’s Micro Battlefield game during the private portion of World War Bricks. The debut tournament will be American vs. German armor and the last General standing will be generously rewarded with fame, fortune, and glory!  Losers will spend the rest of the weekend scrubbing pots and polishing boots. (not really) All Weekend Pass holders are welcome to join in the fun. Tournament will take place Friday evening and be continued Saturday evening if necessary.

  1. Josh White said:

    Oooh please send me link to build myself one on the mini Tigers!

    • Dan said:

      Come to World War Brick and see it for yourself!

  2. v said:

    will this be like you pick up your tank and place it on a lego MOC battlefield, or will it be like chess kind of?

    • Dan said:

      It’s actually a game that uses micro armor for game pieces.

    • Rumrunner. said:

      The game is similar in style to other table top wargames like Flames of War or GamesWorkshop but is played with simple straight forward rules which allow for quick 15-30 minutes games with lots of shooty-shooty. My 7yr old and I play it and it’s tons of fun.

      • Nic said:

        Please will you release the rules and tanks schematics would love to play that at my game’s club !

  3. "Forgotten Bricks" said:

    sounds fun!

    • darthlego said:

      I agree. This is going to be a great weekend!

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