Weekend Pass

This page has information exclusively for Weekend Pass holders, including exhibitors, vendors and volunteers.  This page will be updated extensively in the days leading up to World War Brick and will serve as a reference before and during the show.  Please check back often because this page will change!

When You Arrive

When you arrive on Friday, please stop at the information desk, located right inside our street entrance on 18th Avenue NE (The north side of the building – look for the giant bricks). There you will receive your official WWB Weekend Pass and goody bag. Your goody bag will contain (among other things) a lanyard for your Weekend Pass. We ask that you wear your Weekend Pass at all times. This is your ticket in and out of space throughout the weekend, and will grant you access to the assembly area and other non-public areas of Brickmania during the public portion of the event.

World War Brick 2014 Schedule

Friday, June 21
Main Room Class Room Assembly Hall
0900-0959 Checkin opens
Store opens
Set-Up starts
Mosaic build starts
09:30 Micro Tank Battle Game rules review 
1000-1059 Battle of Khafji group build 1000 Heat 1
1030 Heat 2
1000-1159 1100 Heat 3
1130 Heat 4
Minifig Customization
1200-1259 Opening Ceremony + Lunch Break
(Ramen buffet or neighborhood shops. Some snacks & drinks will be available in the shop throughout the event)
1300-1359 1300 Ht 1 Rnd 21330 Ht 2 Rnd 2
1400-1459 Battle of the Bulge group build Micro Tank Battle
Quarter Finals
MOC Lighting
1500-1559 Micro Tank Battle
Semi Finals
Decal Workshop
1600-1659 Store closes 1659
Mosaic ends 1659 
Micro Tank Battle
1700-1759 Stanchion placement 1730 pizza is served
1800-1859 Micro Tank Battle
King of the Hill Battle
1830 Raffle
1900-1959 BrickArms
presentation + reveal
2000-2059 Store reopens
2100 WWB closed for the night
Saturday, June 22nd
Main Room Class Room Assembly Hall
0900-0959 Mosaic starts 0900
Pre-paid public entry at 0930
Micro Tank Battle
Public starts at 1000
1000-1059 Decal Application
1200-1259 Public Raffle
1300-1359 Lighting Demonstration
1400-1459 LEGO® Robotics
1500-1559 Public closes at 1559 Advance Minifig
1600-1659 store closes 1659
1700-1759 Dinner cookout
1800-1859 Brikwars Battle Raffle 1830
1900-1959 Auction
2000-2059 store reopens Deadline for MOC award ballots 2059
2100 WWB closed for the night
Sunday, June 23rd
Main Room Class Room Assembly Hall
0900-0959 Pre-paid entry at 0930 Micro Tank Battle
Public starts at 1000
1000-1059 Decal Application demonstration
1200-1259 Public Raffle
1300-1359 Lighting Demonstration
1400-1459 LEGO® Robotics
1500-1559 Public closes at 1559
1600-? Breakdown and load up Closing Ceremony
+ Last Raffle

The Mosaic Build will happen throughout the event— or until completed. For each 10×10″ baseplate completed, you will be rewarded a limited edition custom minifig (it’s being printed now – design will be revealed soon). Baseplates are given out in order they must be completed. No cherry picking allowed.

A general play area with LEGO building bricks and a race ramp (for attendees not necessarily interested in military modeling) will be set up at World War Brick.

Register Your MOCs!

World War Brick wants you to display your creations! As a Weekend Pass holder you have earned the right to display your work. If you’re planning to bring MOCs (“My Own Creations”) to display, please pre-register them now. This allows us to have pre-printed MOC cards awaiting your arrival. It also helps us to determine how much space to have available for displays.  MOC registration will close at midnight on Tuesday, June 17th.  Pre-registration is required to be eligible for contest prizes.

MOC registrations is available HERE.

Code of Conduct in Brickmania

Your weekend pass grants you access to areas at Brickmania not normally open to the public. This includes access to the GMLTC’s building space and Brickmania’s offices. We ask that you do not touch equipment or rummage through drawers, cabinets, bins or boxes in any of these areas. For reference here is a list of things that are OK to do in the office it is OK to do the following:

  • Browse the Brickmania reference library behind Dan’s desk. Pull up a chair and read a book!  The books are semi organized so please try to put all books back on the shelf where you found it.
  • Have a snack. We weren’t joking about the Ramen buffet!  We’ll have a supply of hot water and vast selection ramen available for hungry weekend pass holders. However, we won’t be responsible for any negative digestive impact as a result of massive MSG consumption.
  • Relax. The office will be our game area on Friday, but will also be an air-condition retreat from the public on Saturday and Sunday.  While we encourage builders to stay with their MOCs during the public, you may need a momentary break. The office is just the place to go.

At World War Brick we expect all Weekend Pass Holders, volunteers, staff and visitors to follow the golden rule: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Stealing, fighting, cheating, destruction of property, use of derogatory language, etc. are strongly discouraged and may result in ejection from the event and and other consequences.

Alcohol, tobacco or drug use is prohibited in Brickmania Toyworks during World War Brick. Smoking is permitted outside the building according to Minnesota state law.


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