Countdown to World War Brick 2014

We’re just a few days away from the kick-off of World War Brick 2014!  Here’s a few things you should know…

Lets get this MOCs finished!

Lets get those MOCs finished!

Weekend Pass holders, you should be finishing up your MOCs (“My Own Creations”). If you have not already done so, please register your MOCs to be eligible for MOC awards. Tuesday, June 17th at Midnight is the official deadline to register your MOCs and have official pre-printed MOC cards available when you arrive. You can still bring unregistered MOCs (blank MOC cards will be available at the info desk) but they will not be eligible for MOC awards. Only Weekend Pass holders are eligible to display their MOCs at World War Brick.


Official WWB 2014 trophies

MOC Awards will be giving out Sunday morning. Each weekend pass holder will be able to vote for their favorite MOCs in the following categories:

  • NPU (Nice Parts Usage)
  • Most Iconic Scene
  • Most Over the Top
  • Best Use of BrickArms
  • Best Special Effects
  • SNOT Champion

There will also be a Public Favorite trophy awarded at the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

Weekend Pass holders are welcome to Brickmania Toyworks anytime after 9am on Friday, June 20th. We encourage everyone to show up early as to not miss out on the full day of activities we have planned for Friday. As of this writing there are still and handful of Weekend Passes available. To view the  full event schedule or see other important information, visit the Passholder’s Page.


Just one of the many exclusive new releases at WWB 2014!

This year’s mosaic build will start at 9am Friday morning. For each 10×10″ square completed, the participants will be rewarded one of these limited edition sand blue Luftwaffe troopers, designed specifically for use with the Flak 37 event kit. In the unlikely event the mosaic is not completed on Friday, the general public may participate in the mosaic build and also be rewarded the same prize. We will have additional Luftwaffe figures available for purchase.


Come early for rewards – stay for fabulous prizes (raffle to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project!)

Come early for prizes! We’re rewarding the first 100 public attendees one of these limited edition World War Brick 2014 crates packed with BrickArms weapons. (Weekend Pass  Holders, don’t worry, you’ll find one in your goodie bags, but also packed with a special bonus printed BrickArms weapon, courtesy of GI Brick). If you pre-purchase your public day tickets we will let you in 30 minutes before the 10am start time (thereby increasing your chance to receive one of the free crates). Advance ticket purchaser will also receive one complimentary raffle ticket for the noon drawing (you must be present to win).


World War Brick 2014 T-shirts in production, hand-printed by the Brickmania team!

World War Brick is the ultimate shopping destination for fans of BrickArms, Brickmania and LEGO® military modeling enthusiasts in general. Some of the highlights include:

  • Six brand new production weapons from BrickArms will be announced AND released at WWB
  • New premium “Reloaded” BrickArms weapons will be available for the first time
  • New & rare custom printed minifigures, accessories and decals
  • A new Brickmania kit will be released in a theme that will surely surprise you!
  • Out of production and discontinued Brickmania kits
  • Exclusive hand-painted premium custom figures from Brick Mercenaries
  • New lighting effects products from BrickStuff
  • T-shirts galore from Brickmania, including an expansive bargain section with discontinued styles not available anywhere else
  • The Saturday night charity auction (a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project) will feature the most rare and valuable items. Get a weekend pass to participate!
  1. Tracy said:

    We’re coming from LA and my husband and son are weekend pass holders – can I buy a public pass ticket and go in on Friday? Or do I have to lose myself in the Mall of America until Saturday?
    Thank you!

    • Dan said:

      Public passes are only good for 10am-4pm on Saturday or Sunday only. We’d strongly encourage you to get your own weekend pass to enjoy the full benefits of WWB. If nothing else we’ll feed you dinner Friday and Saturday nights!

  2. john said:

    Will the event crate be for sale for those that don’t get there early?

    • Dan said:

      They were promo only and not for sale.

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