World War Brick – Fun at Panels.

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Here are the finished images from Lando’s Photographing Your MOC panel at World War Brick Anaheim 2016.

Every year at World War Brick we hold panels for Weekend Passholders to participate in on Friday.   These panels cover the varied interests of our Weekend Passholder MOC designers.  One of Brickmania’s photographers, Lando, holds a photography panel and at the end of the panel photographs some of the audiences custom minifigures.

Other panels at World War Brick that a Weekend Passholder can participate in are

  • Customization Roundtable – Show off your favorite customization, BrickArm, Minifig or Kit. Talk about your favorite customization, What techniques do you use?  What do you want to try next?  All skill levels welcome from beginner to expert.
  • Lighting your MOC –  Want to learn how to add lights to your MOC? Light up that building, add working headlights to that vehicle, make those light sabers glow.  This is the panel for you.
  • Lando’s Decal Panel – Learn how to decal your minifigure.  Lando will show you how to add decals to any minifigure.  Bring your minifig and decals and learn from an expert.  All skill levels welcome from beginner to expert.
  • Expert Panel Discussions–  You never know who will show up at World War Brick.  When they do we love to have them share their knowledge with you.


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