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Nate Flood has been wowing us all with his spectacular World War II U-Boat MOCs for several years, and we are pleased that he will be attending World War Brick Minneapolis. Nate will have several large displays set up (the displays are so big we’re actually sending out the Brickmania van to help move them to the Toyworks!) and Weekend Pass holders will also be treated to a presentation on the design and construction techniques Nate uses in his amazing models.

Flak 37

We’re pleased to show these preview pictures of the 2014 event kit: the German 3.7cm Flak 37 anti-aircraft cannon.  Every Weekend Pass holder will find on of these guns in their goodie bags… But there’s a catch; the minifigs shown will NOT come with the kit!  Instead we are making speciel-edition custom Luftwaffe crewmen for the guns, which you can get in one of two ways: 1.) You can complete a 10×10″ panel of the Cobra King mosaic and get one for FREE our 2.) You will be able to purchase extra crewmen. Some additional kits wand figs will be available for sale at WWB, but they will probably go as fast as last year’s exclusive Jeep kit!


We’re making a giant mosaic for permanent display at Brickmania Toyworks! Participants will create the mosaic depicting US Marines and a Navy corpsman raising the US flag on Iwo Jima  – the scene that was the basis for Joe Rosenthal’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph and an iconic moment in US history. The mosaic will be constructed on 225 10″x10″ baseplates and cover 156 square feet of wall space and will have and incredible 230,400 studs!  This project will be worked on during the entire duration of World War Brick and wil be open to public participation. Participants will be rewarded a custom US Marine minifig for each 10″ x 10″ baseplate completed.

Mini Tigers

We will be conducting the first tournament of Rumrunner’s Micro Battlefield game during the private portion of World War Bricks. The debut tournament will be American vs. German armor and the last General standing will be generously rewarded with fame, fortune, and glory!  Losers will spend the rest of the weekend scrubbing pots and polishing boots. (not really) All Weekend Pass holders are welcome to join in the fun. Tournament will take place Friday evening and be continued Saturday evening if necessary.