World War Brick 2023 – Official Update!

To view the official announcement for World War Brick 2023, click HERE.

It might be cold here in Minneapolis, but World War Brick 2023 is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to secure your Weekend Pass or Public Exhibition Ticket and plan your stop here at the Brickmania HQ!

Just like World War Brick events of years past, Saturday and Sunday (June 10 & 11) will be open to those with Public Exhibition Tickets while Friday (June 9) will be exclusive to Weekend Pass holders. We’ll also be raising funds for The Mission Project just like in 2022!

The official 2023 “theme” is Spec Ops, more specifically the SAS. However, any historical military representations are welcome! For more info, check out our FAQ page HERE.

This year you can expect a new WWB kit and minifig, as well as t-shirts and swag! Plus, we’re expanding our lineup of guest speakers who will present on a variety of topics throughout the weekend.

As usual you can expect Micro Brick Battle, Speed Builds, World War-ingo, and other activities yet to be revealed!

So join us in Minneapolis this June and check out everything the world’s largest gathering of hobbyists and fans dedicated to modeling historical and military-related scenes using LEGO® brand bricks has to offer!

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