Mosaic Build Set for World War Brick Anaheim!

Mosaic WWBA 2016

We are going to build three new panels in our military heroes themed mosaic for World War Brick Anaheim. This year’s mosaics will be:

  • Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel
  • Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
  • Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz

Each weekend pass holder will receive an Operation Brick voucher in their goodie bag that can be redeemed at the Mosaic build. In return for the voucher—and a completed 8×16 stud section of mosaic panel—the participant will be rewarded with an confidential BrickArms’ Operation Brick mission packet (the contents will be revealed on site). Only one Operation Brick mission packet will be rewarded per voucher.

We have seats for up to 36 participants at a time and we will let new people begin panels as other are completed. Panels should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete. Additional panels can be made, but people who have not yet turned in Operation Brick vouchers will be given priority selection over repeat participants. People who complete second or third panels will receive a raffle ticket for their effort.

The Mosaic Build will take place during two sessions on Friday and a second session on Saturday. The Mosaic Build is open to all Weekend Pass holders. No additional registration is required.


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