New Logos for World War Brick 2016

The new logos for World War Brick 2016 are looking amazing!  We have posters, t-shirts, pins, bags and so much more in store for everyone at WWB in 2016.  Of course weekend passholders, will have the coolest swag in their event bags, and first crack at winning even more.  There are still a few weekend passes available.  So get your tickets today.

Get your WWB Anaheim Tickets Today!
World War Brick Anaheim California
Weekend Pass
February 12th-14th
Public Day Pass
February 13th or 14th
Hotel Room Information 
Available Here

World War Brick Minneapolis Minnesota
Weekend Pass
June 10th-12th
Public Day Pass
June 11th or 12th

Hotel Room Information Available Here

World War Brick Hartford Connecticut
Weekend Pass
July 22nd – 24th
Public Day Pass
July 23rd or 24th

Hotel Room Information Available Here

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