Battle of Mogadishu Diorama Coming to WWB

Black Hawk Down

Brickmania will be unveiling a brand new Battle of Mogadishu diorama at World War Brick 2014! The diorama measures 5 x 6.5 feet and documents several of the main events described in Mark Bowden’s “Black Hawk Down.” More info on this and other exciting new displays will be posted soon. WWB 2014 is less than 12 weeks away… how are your MOCs coming along?

  1. Michael Zola said:

    How Old Do You
    Have To Be To Enter
    A MOC?

    • Dan said:

      There are no age restrictions

  2. mcplaya99 said:

    Does the have to be so small or big as you want

    • Dan said:

      Your MOCs can be as big or small as you want.

      • mcplaya99 said:

        Thanks do you know how the theme last year was pacific what will be this year

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