The BrikWars battle will take place directly following dinner on Saturday night. An additional game time maybe added if more people want to participate than one battle will allow. Use the game moderator contact form is at the bottom of this page to sign up.


In the late years of Weird War II, Herr Adolf Brickler; Fueher of the N.D.A.S.P. sent one Alfred RosenBurg, head archeologist for the mysterious Ahnenerbe Organization down to the Languedoc region of France, to the abandoned mountain fortress of Montsegur; which was the last stronghold of the now extinct religion of Catharism. The very castle at which, according to the Aurthurian legends so loved by der Fuehrer, the Holy Grail itself may be found. After months of rigorous excavation, RosenBurg did indeed find this “Holy Grail” at Montsegur, and soon boarded a train back to Berlin to bring the Relic back to Adolf Brickler, where it could be used to further promote German propaganda efforts.

However, the allies have intercepted German communications lines, and are wary of the massive morale boost that possession of the Holy Grail might bring for their Nazi enemies. Therefore, allied forces have set up an ambush for the German armored train transporting Rosenburg and of course, the Holy Grail They chose to set up their ambush in the small French town of Natua, which is located near the foothills of the alps.

Unbeknownst to both the Germans and the allies, two other factions, who have been at war for centuries also lie in wait at the town of Natua; which is really an ideal location for an ambush when you think about it. These are the Brikthuluminati, and the Inquisition; each desiring to capture the Holy Grail to prove their own religious ideologies, and once and for all resolve the question of who’s god is the true god; Brikthulu or the Great Builder?

As these four factions class in the heart of Natua, who will come out victorious? Who will claim the power of the Holy Grail? And after all is said and done, will there be any buildings left standing?

Basic Premise/Game outline

For 5-8 players
Estimated time: 3-4 hours (game ends when grail is removed from field, or time limit is up)
Rule set used: Brikwars 2005 (

Each player who signs up to participate in the battle will be responsible for bringing their own faction (players decide which faction they want to play as when they sign up, and build their faction according to the rules and descriptions listed in this document.) as well as one building or other field structure as designated by the map at the end of this document. If you do not feel that you possess the bricks or minifigs necessary to build the faction or field structure you have chosen, or if you otherwise have questions about this game please contact me at (, and I’ll try to get something arranged for you.
Note: the goal of the game is to have FUN; don’t take it too seriously. Copious almighty bennies will be awarded to players who build cool things or roleplay the game well.
Factions and Objectives

Rosenburg’s Escort: Head Archeologist Alfred RosenBurg, and his full accompaniment of well-trained SS guardsmen arrive to Natua onboard an armored command train named the “Erika”, complete with various weapons emplacements to fend off would be attackers. When building this train, be sure to include one car containing three peach prisoners being escorted to Berlin. The Rosenburg’s escort army is allied to the “6th Panzer Division“. This unit should consist of the Armored Train “Erika” with two weapons emplacements (Move 5”/turn), the Hero “Rosenburg” with archeologist cliché, and 12 SS Gaurdsmen (Grey minifigs) armed with whatever the player wants. All of the escort soldiers start the battle onboard the train. Their objectives are as follows:

  1. Retain the grail! (+100 Victory Points) You must keep possession of the grail at all costs! Transport the Grail to the other side of the map, where you will be able to transport it in relative safety through the Alpine mountains.
  2. RosenBurg must survive! (+35 Victory Points) Rosenburg; as the man who discovered the Grail, is obviously a War Hero; get him back home to safety; this will aid in German propaganda efforts.
  3. Eliminate Allied AND Hostile forces! (+5 Victory points for killing anyone but your fellow Germans) Those pesky allies have infiltrated behind German lines to perform this ambush! Eliminate them as best you can or they will be a real pain for us to deal with later.

6th Panzer Division: Having received a distress communiqué from Rosenburg’s armored train “Erika”, the nearby 6th Panzer Division has sent in reinforcements to back up RosenBurg’s light escort. However, being that this unit is made up of “regulars” from the army, they are not aware of the Grail’s presence at this battle. This unit should consist of three vehicles no larger than 7” in size (historically, this probably means like halftracks, or light tanks), along with 14 German soldiers (represented by Grey minifigs), armed with long-range weapons, such as rifles. The vehicles may each have a mounted weapon, up to 3”in size, and should be able to transport all 14 of the soldiers in this faction. Two of those 14 will count as pilots, and one can count as an officer. This army is headed up by the Hero Otto Skorzeny, who has the cliché of heavy weapons/ badass. One vehicle will arrive on turn 2, and the other two will arrive on the field turn 3; both arrivals will take place at the same location, as determined by the attached map. Objectives for this faction are as follows:

  1. Eliminate Allied AND hostile forces (+5 victory points for killing anyone but your fellow Germans) – Those pesky allies have infiltrated behind German lines to perform this ambush! Eliminate them as best you can or they will be a real pain for us to deal with later.
  2. Eliminate enemy Heroes (+25 Victory Points each)
  3. Capture Enemy Equipment (+25 victory points each) – capture enemy equipment such as artillery or long-range radios by hooking it up to the back of one of your vehicles and driving off the field in the direction of your starting point.

Allied Forces: (two players?) Naturally, the allies have set up this ambush and thus have had ample time to prepare for it. Therefore, the allies start can start off anywhere in the town of Natua they want to. They are well prepared to take down the armored train “Erica”, and they brought with them some explosives to rig the tracks with, as well as some light mobile artillery to deal with any vehicles that may be accompanying the train, and even a single aircraft. They also thought to bring with them some temporary fortifications, such as sandbags, trenches, and tank-traps; which they can set up around the city in strategic locations as the player sees fit. Allied forces for this game are going to be brown/tan minifigs. You get 20 of them, this includes one medic, one gunner and one officer. Soldiers should be armed with long range weapons. You should set up your explosives on the train tracks anywhere you want to at the beginning of the game. To detonate them, they need to be shot at and dealt damage, or they can be triggered manually. They do 2d6+1 damage to everything in a 4 inch radius. This may or may not be able to overcome the train track’s armor rating, which is 8. The light artillery should be a size 4” weapon, mounted to a building, the sandbags or a trench. The fortifications you brought with you are as follows: 20” worth of trenches, broken up into whatever smaller numbers you want, 12” worth of sandbags, broken up however you want. , and three tank traps; built however you want to build them, that basically let you block off one road in Matua (unless the traps are destroyed or pushed away). The airplane has special rules, as it is controlled from the ground via long-range radio. The radio must be operated by one of your soldiers in order to remain functional, you do not need to count the pilot of the aircraft as part of your 20 soldiers. Every other turn, the radio operator will “call in” the aircraft, which will have the option to either a strafing run or a bombing run. Strafing runs: roll 5d6, apply damage normally, bombing runs do 2d6+1 damage to everything in a 4 inch radius and disrupt them. However, if the operator rolls a 1 or a 2 on his “call in” then the plane is given the wrong target to attack, and the German players may decide where that is. Of course, if you don’t have anyone to operate the radio, or the radio is destroyed or captured, or if the plane is shot down, you will no longer have the ability to call in airstrikes. You also have a hero of course; his name will be Colonel Salisbury, his cliché’ is armchair general. Allied objectives are as follows:

  1. Capture the Grail (+100 Victory Points) – get the grail off the field, any side of the battlefield except for the alpine mountains side will do.
  2. Kill Jerry and his Buddies: (+5 Victory Points for every German, Brickthuluminati, or Inquisitor you kill)
  3. Rescue the Peaches: (+15 Victory Points for each peach rescued from train and surviving at the end of battle); in one of the compartments of the armored train “Erika” , those genocidal Germans are storing live peach-skinned victims they must have picked up on the road to Matua. Rescue those poor souls dear chap?
  4. Kill Enemy Heroes (+25 Victory Points Each)

Brickthuluminati: The mysterious secret organization known only as the Brikthuluminati has deployed its shadowy agents to the town of matua; so that they can prove that the Holy Grail; one of the great builder’s most holy artifax, is in fact nothing more than a fake, a sham. Brikthulu is the one true god! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!! The Brikthuluminati is allotted three Brithuluminati agents; who will count the same as ninjas as far as rules go, but do not suffer from crankiness. These agents should be represented by black minfigs, preferably with hooded cloaks. They can be equipped with anything. Each of these agents may attempt to convert an enemy or civilian minifig within 2 inches to the Cult of Brikthulu once per turn. To do this, just roll 1d6, on a six you gain control of the enemy fig and can control them for the rest of the game or until we decide they no longer believe in Brikthulu for some fudge-based reason. This faction also has access to 18 inches worth of “Unspeakable Horrors”, for example, the player could chose to field only one gigantic 18 inch tall creature, or they could chose to field nine 2” creatures, or any other combination or use of inches. One of the unspeakable horrors can be made a Hero and given supernatural feats. I suggest you bring props appropriate to this cliché (I.E. Doom portals, black holes, fire rings, tentacle daemons, arcane sigils of horror, extra unspeakable horrors, ect.). It’s left up to the player just unspeakable these horrors are. Have fun.🙂 Objectives as follows:

  1. Capture the Grail (+100 Victory Points) – get the grail off the field, any side of the battlefield except for the alpine mountains side will do.
  2. Kill Enemy Heroes (+25 Victory Points Each, +50 for Inquisitor Cagilistro)
  3. Convert enemies to the cult of Brikthulu (15 Victory points per surviving cultist at game end)
  4. Kill any other fig; (+5 pts each)

The Inquisition: The ancient inquisition, militant arm of the Church of the Great Builder –thought- that they had destroyed the grail when they executed the last of the Cathars at Montsegur, however, this new evidence seems to be to the contrary. PURGE THE HERETIC!! The inquisition should be represented by 16 medieval knights – they are hardcore fundamentalists. Four of these knights can be on horseback, four can have armor, and the rest travel by foot. They are armed with either close combat weapons or crossbows. They are led by the Hero “Inquisitor Cagilistro” who’s cliché is super-speed (gets either two moves or two actions in a single turn). His speed has been honed by years of running after heretic scum. The inquisition brings with them a horse-drawn cart (size 4”), which carries up to 10 Holy Symbols. Symbols should be pole mounted, and look like whatever the player decides. Objectives as follows:

  1. Capture the Grail (+100 Victory Points) – get the grail off the field, any side of the battlefield except for the alpine mountains side will do.
  2. Kill Brikthuluminati agents (+20 Victory Points each)
  3. Kill enemy figs (+5 Victory Points each)
  4. Kill enemy heroes (+25 Victory Points each)
  5. Erect Holy symbols (+10 Victory Points per holy symbol) – you can mount one holy symbol on each building on the field. Do this to every building, and you can automatically banish all of the unspeakable horrors from the Village of Natua by making it “Hallowed ground”

Secret Faction: if someone else really wants to play, but all the spots are taken, I’ve got something for you. Just email me for details. Possibly this could serve as a spot for a walk-in player.

Natua Map


  • Purple Building: 16 x 32 studs
  • Light Green Building: 16 x 26 studs
  • Tan Building: 16 x 16 studs
  • Red Building 16 x 32 studs, some leeway on one side as shown on map.
  • Blue Building: 24 x 40 studs
  • White Building: 24 x 24 studs
  • Yellow Building: 24 x 24 studs

Other things players can build: Medium sized trees, small walls and fences, animals such as sheep and cows. The mountain ranges on the north end of the field. Fruit stands and other street vendors? gardens? Gravestones? Blast Craters? If you bring it, we’ll try to fit it on the field.

A guide to building buildings for Matua

Aesthetic: we are looking for something resembling a French village in the world war 2 era. No buildings should be over three stories tall, some of them can display battle damage. Here’s an example of what this might look like:


Playablility, all buildings should be built on either plates or baseplates, and have roofs that are easily removable from the building so that we can access the insides of the buildings. This means if you build a building with two floors, the first floor and the second floor should also be easily removed from one another. Typically, this is achieved by building each floor as separate models, and attaching the two with just a few studs, and filling in the rest of the gaps with tiles. Interiors of buildings will preferably be separated into rooms with walls just like real buildings would, and should have detailed interiors with many playable elements. Color-coordination is preferable, but we will understand if you don’t have enough bricks to do that.

Ideas, Brikwars games are the most fun when everything has it’s own wacky storyline. Even the buildings! So if you center your building around a central theme, it will be more fun to build it, and more fun to play on in-game. Here’s some ideas, but feel free to come up with your own: Farmstead, Noble’s estate, mad scientist laboratory, general store, black market, home of Billy-bob redneck extraordinaire, fine-dining restaurant, “China shop”, and so on.

Sign Up And Moderator Contact:

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