Weekend Pass holders are eligible to participate in exclusive activities, contests, games and presentations throughout the weekend.  When you have participated in an activity you will receive a raffle ticket for your participation. Raffle tickets can be used to participate in raffle drawings held throughout the weekend.* The more Raffle tickets you have, the more likely you will be to win. Some activities, such as the Micro Tank Battle Tournament, are eligible for additional prizes. Prizes at World War Brick are provided by Brickmania, BrickArms, GI Brick and additional sponsors TBA.


Weekend Pass holders are encouraged to bring their MOCs (My Own Creations) to display at World War Brick. All MOCs are eligible for MOC Awards, but you must pre-register your models in order to win. MOCs are judged by all the Weekend Pass holders plus a public favorite.  We are giving out trophies this year in the following categories:

  • NPU (Nice Parts Usage)
  • Most Iconic Scene
  • Most Over the Top
  • Best Use of BrickArms
  • Best Special Effects
  • SNOT Champion
  • Public Favorite

A link for MOC registration will be sent to all Weekend Pass Holders before the event.

WWB Anaheim 2015

Activity list coming soon!

WWB Minneapolis 2015

Activity list coming soon!

WWB Minneapolis 2014

This event has already happened. The items below are shown as examples of some of the things you may expect to see at WWB 2015!

Cobra King

Cobra King Mosaic Build
When: Friday 0900 until completed
Location: Main Room
The Battle of the Bulge is one of the main themes of World War Brick 2014 (this being the 70th anniversary) and no image is more iconic than M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman named Cobra King with it’s inscription “First in Bastogne” after leading the 3rd Army’s relief column into the besieged city. We are recreating this image as a giant mosaic measuring nearly 12 feet wide by 9 feet tall as part of a permanent installation at the Brickmania Toyworks. Participants will build one (or more) 10″ by 10″ sections until all 140 are complete. Participants will be rewarded a special custom-printed minifig for each section completed. If the mosaic is not completed the first day, we will open up participation to the general public on Saturday.

Micro Tank Battle

Micro Tank Battle Tournament
When: Friday 0900-1700
Location: Game Area
We are holding a bracket style tournament of Rumrunner’s fast-paced table top Micro Tank Battle game. Matches will be take approximately 30 minutes and winners of each battle will be eligible to advance to the next battle. As the battle progresses, new weapons will be introduced for an added twist. The Micro Tank Battle game can played by most ages and the outcome is determined by a combination of tactics and luck. All participants will receive on raffle ticket per battle played. The grand champion will receive a premium out-of-production Brickmania kit. The quarter finalists will be eligible to play a bonus “king of the hill” style, four-way battle for an additional prizes and glory! The tournament begins Friday morning and the grand champion will be announced that evening at the dinner break. Click here for rules and sign-up form.

Battle of Anzio

Battle of Anzio Part I
When: Friday 1730
Location: Assembly Room
We’ll be having a pizza party on Friday night for all of the Weekend Pass Holders and event volunteers. We’ll be having appetizers, salads, and Italian pies from our friends and Pizza Lucé. Your meal ticket is included in the cost of your weekend pass. Directly following will be drawings for round two of the prize raffle!  After Pizza there will be a double reveal were both BrickArms and Brickmania will be announcing brand new releases, all of which will be on sale at World War Brick first!  The store will be open after the reveal so you can purchase the new items if you wish.

Battle of Anzio Part II
When: Saturday 1830
Location: Assembly Room
Directly following our Saturday evening meal, we’ll be holding the charity auction, benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project® Throughout the auction we’ll be announcing the winners of Saturday’s raffle drawings. There will be many unique items at the auction that are one of a kind and out of production kits.


Showdown in Khafji – Desert Storm Collaborative Build
When: Friday 1000- Finished
Location: Main Room
The opening salvos of the land battle later known as Operation Desert Storm took place in the northern Saudi Arabian town of Khafji. While most of the invading Iraqi forces were turned away by the US Marines and US Army Rangers, a column of invading troops occupied the town on the night of January 29, 1991. Your mission is to organize the coalition forces into a cohesive force and dislodge the invaders.  We will be providing some basic landscape materials, armored vehicles minifigs and BrickArms weapons to help build this diorama.  Participants may also bring their own models and figures to add to the build. You can read up on the Battle of Khafji on Wikipedia or watch this video.

Hell at Bütgenbach – Battle of the Bulge Collaborative Build
When: Friday 1330- Finished
Location: Main Room
“Gentlemen, This is Where We Fight and Die” 
Participants will recreate the 26th Regiment (1st Infantry Division) defense of Dom Bütgenbach against and overwhelming force of German tank destroyers, infantry and armor during the early days of the Battle of the Bulge. Popular history has named the siege of Bastogne, Malmedy massacre and Battle of St Vith as the most well-known episodes of the Battle of the Bulge. However, it was at lesser known places such as Lanzerath Ridge, Rocherath-Krinkelt and Dom Bütgenbach, where valiant delaying actions and a do-or-die defensive stance ultimately defeated Germany’s’ Ardennes offensive within hours of it’s start. We will be providing some basic landscape materials, armored vehicles minifigs and BrickArms weapons to help build this diorama.  Participants may also bring their own models and figures to add to the build. If you want to read about this battle, here is a good place to start.


BRIKWARS: Ambush at Natua Pass
When: Saturday 1830 – 2100
Location: Game Area
“The Nazis find the holy grail and are shipping it back to Berlin on an armoured train, but the Allies, Brikthulu cultists and Inquisition attempt to intervene.” BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful world of your favorite construction toys in wanton chaos and destruction!  Click here to read the full scenario and to sign up for the battle!


The following workshops will be held at WWB 2014

Minifig Customization Beginner

Beginning course on Basic Minifig customization with Josh from Brick Merceneries. No limit anybody may join in, It is strongly encouraged to take this class before the Advanced class on Saturday.
When: Friday 1100-1200 (11am)
Location: Assembly Room

Advanced Minifig Customization

Work on your Advanced Minifig Customization skills with Josh from Brick Merceneries. Space will be limited and sign up will be required (sign up at the info desk).
When: Saturday 1500 (3pm)
Location: Assembly Room

Waterslide Decal Application Techniques

When: Friday 1500 (3PM)
Location: Assembly Room
Brickmania’s decal application guru Landon will demonstrate basic decal application for creating your own custom minifigures. We will have sample packs from Roaglaan’s Customs waterside decals to give out and have tools on hand for participants to use. Bring in your civilian minifigs for make over to battle-ready soldiers!

Lighting your creations with Rob from BrickStuff

Rob will show you technics using BrickStuff lighting and show examples of his work in lighting. He will explain the fundamentals of they lighting system and give you helpful hints and techniques in using lighting for your Lego Moc.
When: Friday 1400 (2pm)
Location: Assembly Room

  1. Crystal said:

    My Son Andrew: Why do all of the Lego brickarms conventions hate st. Louis. I would LOVE to come to world war brick and i live by st. Louis so it would be very expensive to go and my family can’t afford to come during June and they don’t like the idea of going to Minnesota where it’s cold. I WISH I COULD COME BUT I CAN’T!!!!!😦

    • Dan said:

      We do World War Brick in Minneapolis because that’s where Brickmania is located. We’re considering additional locations for WWB 2015.

  2. Matt said:

    Will MMCB Capes Be Selling Stuff????????

  3. Brahm said:

    What makes a model “Over-the-top?”

    • Dan said:

      You’ll know it when you see it

  4. Dylan Herman said:

    Do we get like free brickarms or anything just for coming of like exluseve or rare stuff and so we can do like a how to make a custum minifigs class for the anihiem?

    • Dan said:

      Every Weekend Pass holder receives a goodie bag at the door and yes they generally contain some kind of rare / exclusive BrickArms products. The Weekend Pass also gets you access to all of the classes and workshops being held. Sometimes there is more than one activity happening at any given time, so you may have to prioritize your participation.

  5. Dallas Le said:

    To you get a crate/brickarms for public viewing tickets?

    • Dan said:

      Freebies such as the event kit are for Weekend Pass holder only.

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